This Week’s Top 3 Threads – July 12, 2014

1. And It’s 1…2…6 Cards You’re Out

Prolific BoardingArea blogger Gary Leff over at View from the Wing wrote a post about a week ago (aka: ~100 posts back) in which he asked: Why Do Some Credit Card Companies Give Signup Bonuses Over and Over for the Same Card? The question now is, how many signups will Citi allow?

2. Take America Back – Boycott Hyatt!

Put on your tin foil hats. You are going to need them because the pieces of the puzzle to destroy the American way of life are all coming together. And they all point to Hyatt!

3. How to Guarantee You Are Eating Where the Locals Eat

Where should we eat? It’s one of those age old questions, especially when traveling. We want something good and something local. We do NOT want a place designed to attract and trap the tourists.

And one more bonus post this week, as I posted this one late at night and it deserves more attention than it initially received:

3. Before Twitter and the Arab Spring There Was Dovster and BEYFlyer

Before Twitter, before social media helped bring about the Arab Spring, two FlyerTalkers – one in living in Israel and the other living in Lebanon – provided up-to-the-minute status updates from very near the front lines of the battle between Israel and Hezbollah.


This Week’s Featured Posters and Communities:

Featured Posters Featured Communities
  • TourMama
  • swithers
  • mlshanks
  • BobR
  • LIH Prem
  • tmount
  • Deltahater
  • KennyBSAT
  • NYBanker
  • seeitall
  • *Touring Ted*
  • ridetheworld
  • Fern
  • pheonix
  • bobbyrandall
  • jtur88
  • burgler09
  • TheCatsMeoww
  • greywar
  • CityLover9
  • Listener2307
  • Dovster
  • BEYFlyer
  • rob in cal
  • Golden sunsets
  • Nemo2
  • Bestwifeever
  • Sharon
  • Ellen
  • Roberto
  • Michael
  • Carroll
  • Seacarl
  • Pizzaman
  • canucklehead
  • Slow Travel Talk
  • FlyerTalk (2)
  • Saverocity
  • Milepoint (2)
  • Traveltalkonline
  • Horizons Unlimited
  • City-Data
  • Rick Steves’ Europe (2)
 Image: “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” by nolifebeforecoffee. CC BY 2.0.

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