Hyatt’s At it Again

It seems Hyatt is on a roll this week.

On Monday I featured a discussion taking place on FlyerTalk about Hyatt’s possible internet blocking of conservative websites. And, my oh my, judging by the comments it was certainly the most controversial post in the short history of ThreadTripping.

Even my loving wife said “it was a little on the sarcastic side.” 😀

But now Hyatt has really gone a step too far. I mean, leading the liberal, socialist charge to bring down the greatest nation the Earth has ever known is one thing. But neglect to stock rooms with an item crucial to good oral hygiene and as far as I and Milepoint member Seacarl are concerned, boycotting is too good for this once beloved hotel chain.

Is there supposed to be Toothpaste at Hyatt Place?


I thought so, but there’s none in my room tonight. I called down to the front desk. They said I can come down and get it. I said, how about you bring it up, since I’m not dressed. “Sorry Sir, we don’t have room service, you can come down and get it.” Seems kind of piss poor service, if it should have been provided to start with.

Fellow BoardingArea blogger, Pizzaman (Pizza in Motion), commiserates:

Sounds like you got someone who didn’t want to do their job.

You’re damn tooting. They were probably too busy maintaining the Great Wall of Hyatt.

And then canucklehead really broke Hyatt’s pro-gingivitis policy wide open:

at Hyatt Place NYC and was told that they did not provide Aquafresh and @HyattConcierge said hotels do not have a standard regarding toothpaste brands.

Let that sink in a moment. Hyatt has No. Standard. Regarding. Toothpaste. Brands.

A stunning, stunning revelation.

Despite what some readers might believe, I actually like Hyatt. But this story needs to be reported. Because I like Hyatt though (and because they might advertise on BoardingArea and I don’t want to upset them too much – Hyatt, I’m just joshing you), I’m going to release this on a Friday afternoon so as to perform my journalistic duty while at the same time prevent it from being seen by a wide audience. Much like I so graciously did last Friday when reporting on Angelina Aucello’s (Just Another Points Traveler) recently revealed belief in the supernatural.

Which, by the way, just so happened to be the second most controversial post in the short history of ThreadTripping.

Read what Milepoint members are saying about Hyatt’s most recent antics in its entirety: Hyatt Place – Toothpaste

Image by Daniel Oines. CC BY 2.0.



  1. Typical Friday news dump, trying to keep the people from finding out the truth about Hyatt’s toothpaste policy (or lack thereof). For shame, Mikel.

  2. What the heck is this comment about? Who cares about toothpaste in a hotel room. And I don’t think political comments have any place or relevance on a frequent flyer blog. Please.

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