Take America Back – Boycott Hyatt!

Ok, put on your tin foil hats. You are going to need them because the pieces of the puzzle to destroy the American way of life are all coming together.

And they all point to Hyatt!

Hyatt has a relatively well regarded frequent guest program and some terrific properties, but it’s looking more and more like that might all be a front designed to distract us from their true goal – a permanent socialist government right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

I mean, just take a look at the evidence:

  • Hyatt headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago! As in Chicago politics. As in home of Obama!
  • Based on an article mlshanks discovered and posted about on FlyerTalk, Hyatt appears to be blocking access to conservative websites.
  • Hyatt owns and operates a hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece – just a short boat ride across the Mediterranean Sea from BENGHAZI!

C’mon, how much more evidence do you need? Do I have to connect the dots on a chalkboard?

Remarkably, despite this avalanche of FACTS that leave NO DOUBT as to Hyatt’s culpability in an obvious PLOT to TRANSFORM America, some of the posters in the thread are still not convinced:

Can we please move beyond paranoia? … Never have had any access problems during hundreds of stays. ~JIMCHI

I have spent a good bit of time complaining to Hyatt about showing Faux News in the lounge. I never considered it to be part of the “massive right wing conspiracy” however. ~BobR

The entire thing is absurd. ~LIH Prem

Try not to fault JIMCHI, BobR and LIH Prem too much for their lack of understanding of the true situation. They are clearly low information voters who have been brainwashed by the drive-by media – which is probably also controlled in large part by Hyatt (we’re still putting together the pieces on that one).

Read the thread in its entirety for yourself, and form your own opinion as to when the Hyatt boycott should begin: Is Hyatt Blocking Conservitive Websites?

Image: “Hyatt :(” by Jean Paul Holmes. CC BY 2.0.



  1. another idiot crying out loud for nothing. go back in your mamma’s lap and get off the boarding area blog roll. you moron.

  2. Uh, oh – we have moved back to the future. Its 1968 all over and this old journalism school grad hears some bad karaoke coming…

    Though your media’s bound and gagged
    And Hyatt has restrained it from your room
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    Just to sing

    In a land that’s known as freedom
    How can such a thing be fair
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    For the help that we can bring

    We can change the world
    Re-arrange the world
    It’s dying … to get better

    Social liberals sit yourself down
    Stop making media disappear
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    Or else hide

    Don’t ask Jay Pritzker to help you
    ‘Cause he’ll turn the other ear
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    Or else join the liberal side

    We can change the world
    Re-arrange the world
    It’s dying … if you believe in justice
    It’s dying … and if you don’t believe in disappearing email
    It’s dying … let us live without IRS harassment
    It’s dying … illegal executive legislation, who needs it
    Show Hyatt the door

    Somehow media must be set free
    I hope the day comes soon
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    Show your face

    From the bottom of the ocean
    To the mountains on the moon
    Won’t you please come to Chicago
    No one else can take your place

  3. The most amusing part of this story to me is that Hyatt has been a conservative favorite for years due to their relatively low levels of unionization: http://www.hyatthurts.org/.

    It is unbelievable how ignorant and ill-informed some people are.

  4. You’re joking right? I have NEVER seen politics mixed with frequent flier blogs before. With good reason. You will offend and turn off a vast majority of readers. Never mind the fact that your extreme views undercut your credibility on everything else you may post. I am never reading your posts ever again.

  5. This is misleading, stupid and ridiculous post that has nothing to do with travel. You take one grain of truth, namely the article mlshanks discovered and posted about on FlyerTalk, and then make it sound like the writer of the article is paranoid and suggesting that it is Hyatt’s policy to block certain websites (which is neither the case nor the claim of the author). You then added a couple of other silly claims in a joking manner to bolster your implied case of right-wing hysteria. I am a moderate who sees that neither those on the left or the right have the answers. I don’t see any benefit in vilifying or ridiculing those who simply want to encourage a healthy debate and insure all viewpoints are heard. LOL, just in case anyone else isn’t aware, the protesters in the photo are union members not the conservatives you are targeting in this post.

  6. @ Vee Jay – Then you have not seen or read Gary from ‘View from the (Right) Wing’. He always finds some way to inject politics or mildly racial and politically insensitive commentary with baiting blog post titles into his posts on a weekly basis without fail. Mikel gets the joke when he does stuff like this. Gary is the joke.

  7. @Mikel – In that case, you are doing a major disservice to yourself. Tongue-in-cheek does not come across well in written form unless you are explicit about it. As is plainly evident by the other posts on here, your article didn’t come across as what you intended.

  8. Wow, this has to be the winner for silliest thing put on Boarding Area. The misleading headline led to my time being stolen from me by this waste of a posting.

    The next time you want to make fun of a conservative boycott of Hyatt, at least have a conservative boycott of Hyatt to make fun of. Don’t just make up a straw man.

    As someone above pointed out: poor choice of photo, dude.

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