And It’s 1…2…6 Cards You’re Out

Prolific BoardingArea blogger Gary Leff over at View from the Wing wrote a post about a week ago (aka: ~100 posts back) in which he asked: Why Do Some Credit Card Companies Give Signup Bonuses Over and Over for the Same Card?

tmount and others over on the Saverocity forums are putting Gary’s theories to the test with multiple Citi Executive Mastercard applications. The question now is, how many signups will Citi allow?

I’m just about ready to apply for my 4th and I’m wondering if anyone else has made it to 4 yet, or beyond, and if so, how many? ~tmount

According to Deltahater, four Citi Executive MasterCard cards is just a start:

I know of 6 working but you need to have a decent story and a longer credit history with Chase than normal.

It’s an interesting discussion that includes recounting of conversations with Citi customer service reps who not only seem to understand the game, but are encouraging of the repeated churns. And in post #42, KennyBSAT provides some detailed instructions that anyone who is interested in joining the game will find quite useful.

Read the thread in its entirety: Citi Executive Mastercard 100k – How many?

Image: “Game on” by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0.


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