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I’m sure those of you who are long-time Priceline bidders probably have an idea where this post is headed.

You can find some real deals on Priceline. This has been true for many years. What is also true is, you can find some real dumps on Priceline.

Several years ago, a community site was launched that provided a place where travelers could share information about their successful Priceline bids – thus helping to eliminate the surprise of the hotel you would win, as well as helping to determine what you should bid. That forum was, and is,

It was a fantastic idea, and the site continues to be used by Priceline bidders today – despite its not having changed its look dramatically since about 2002 (seriously, if you want to take a step back in time to the days when Geocities was popular, take a look at and having an owner/administrator whose leadership style some might describe as, “Thank God she never rose to power in central Europe”.

Is that last bit a little over-the-top? You be the judge.

Anyway, all successful concepts cry out to be copied – and successful concepts with “controversial” owners practically begged to be improved upon. And so it is that there are now other sites that promise to help would-be hotel bidders successfully navigate the currents of Priceline. was the first (at least the first of which I’m aware) to attempt to design a better mousetrap in this niche. And now bidders can also use, and even

Which Priceline bidding information site is best? Milepoint members discuss that very question.

Image by NBC Television (eBay item photo front publicity release) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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