United Suffers from Premature Abrogation

I assume most of you have heard the news about United’s announced changes to the MileagePlus program. If you haven’t there are no shortage of other BoardingArea blogs where you can read up on the specifics.

But did you hear about United’s shareholder meeting, held on June 11, just one day after the big news broke? A meeting that lasted only 15 minutes total – and that includes the Q&A session.

Fortunately, the only question that was asked and answered was posed by a FlyerTalker.

So, what does a 15-minute shareholder meeting really mean in terms of the future of United and its CEO, Jeff Smisek? Well, there are no shortage of opinions as to the answer to that question in the thread. Some of the thoughts that are being floated about:

Smisek has made himself look like a fool in front of:

1) his employees
2) his peers
3) his shareholders
4) his customers

He’s finished, a matter of when, not if. ~tuolumne

I agree. My prediction (posted a while back) is that he’s out by Labor Day. ~FWAAA

It’s part of why he’s behaving this way. If he knows he’s out, why bother with difficult Q&A from shareholders? ~channa

Ok, maybe the opinions aren’t the most wildly varying you will ever see.

Where do you think United goes from here in terms of its leadership and overall direction?

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