The 9th Avenue International Food Festival in NYC

Over on Milepoint anileze has posted some fantastic food photos taken at The 9th Avenue International Food Festival in New York City.

Warning: you might not want to click through and view these photos if you are looking forward to a bologna sandwich for lunch, as it could lead to depression.

As great as all of the food looks, I’m going to share with you what I think the problem with food festivals is: too much good food available at the same time. What I would like to see is a food festival with 20 booths. Ten vendors serve up food in the morning, then shut down and a different set of 10 vendors serve in the afternoon. The next day, another 20 vendors fill the booths, and on and on it goes until the festival ends.

Why? Because I can’t control myself, that’s why. If on Day 1 of the festival I discover “Joe’s Meat Chunks” at booth #4 and they are the best meat chunks I have ever had the pleasure to gnaw on, then fully enjoying Day 2 becomes a problem for me. Even if I tell myself I’m going to try different things, all I’ll be thinking about is saving some room for some more of Joe’s mouth-watering chunks.

And the problem just continues to multiply.  On Day 2 I’ll probably find the “Kansas Fried Beets” at booth #31 and “Rings of Things” at booth #17 – and so on Day 3 I have to save room for all three. At that point, the stress of it all, combined with the crowds, will probably just keep me away from Day 3 on.

Talk about your #firstworldproblem.

Image by Jim.henderson (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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