What About Bob?

Over on the CruiseCritic forums goldgirl2 asks whether most cruisers prefer the port or starboard side of the ship when selecting a cabin.

I didn’t perform a full audit of the answers, but it seems the majority favor the port side. Even having never been on a cruise this would seem to make sense. Based off of naming convention alone, one might expect to see more “stuff” on the port side.

Then again, is the side of the ship all that important? I would think the cabin itself would be more of a differentiator. Or are all cabins on a cruise ship essentially alike?

Where is CruiseCabinGuru or CruiseCabinExpert when you need it?

Fifteen Friday bonus points for anyone who can guess as to how the title of this post relates in any way to the content.

Image: “portside” by Tom Woodward. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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