Mind If I Fart?

Observing “proper” etiquette is no doubt an elusive undertaking. By it’s nature, etiquette tends to be regional. On a trip to China I learned that many parents don’t use diapers and the polite thing to do when their infant needs to go and they are out and about is to pull down their little britches and hold them just so over the gutter.

That is most definitely not considered acceptable etiquette in the mid-western U.S.

It is difficult to imagine anything that throws regional differences into sharper relief than air travel. And so, developing air travel etiquette standards is fraught with complications.

But still we try.

On Milepoint, KenInEscazu makes a case for de-planing etiquette. Some agree with his stance, some disagree, and still others make their very own cases on several other airplane-related etiquette issues. In many ways it is a perfect conversation in that many viewpoints are shared in a highly entertaining fashion and yet nothing is resolved. Sort of like a U.S. Congressional hearing, or a holiday dinner with family.

In the comments below please share the one etiquette faux pas that really drives you up a wall.

I’ll start it off. It absolutely drives me crazy when drivers ignore “road work ahead” signs and blow by the hundreds of us who have dutifully pulled into the eventual merge lane. Rationally I realize that their cutting in line is probably only adding mere minutes to my commute time, but still I find myself wishing horrible, dismembering accidents upon them. It is their great fortune that I do not have the power to dispense instant karma (that would be a pretty good superhero come to think of it. InstantKarma – he doesn’t prevent the crime, but he’ll sure make the criminal wish he hadn’t committed it.).

But I digress.

What etiquette abuse steams your hide?

And bonus points if you can name the comedian who is quoted in the post title.

Image: “Fun at the Airport” by Scott. CC BY 2.0.


  1. Congratulations Craig! You win 5,000 “Whose Line is it Anyway” points.

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