Declaring Your Love

Hollywood script writers should bookmark this thread on FlyerTalk wherein rmaxtor inquires as to the best/proper way to bring an engagement ring into the U.S. so as to propose to his U.S. citizen girlfriend.

What a great scene this would make in a romantic comedy. The would-be gallant gentleman, ready to commit and make his grand gesture, is questioned at customs as to why he is carrying expensive and undeclared jewelry and is then deported and/or jailed. I imagine it happening at the beginning of the movie – it seems devastating but it actually saves him from marrying the wrong girl. Maybe his immigration lawyer is a bumbling hottie or something. Or, the scene could take place closer to the end of the movie, when he has finally come to his senses and is going after the girl – only to be tripped up near the goal line.

I’ve been married nearly 20 years so, yeah, I have seen a few too many romantic comedies.

Judging by the replies, it would appear FlyerTalk is largely composed of lawyers and international jewelry smugglers, and the conversation gets a little testy at times … as one might expect it would when these two groups debate. I’m drawn more to the romantic-minded replies though, like the suggestions made by JDiver and onelove:


 “…propose and if she consents, buy a ring together. Romantic and more likely to suit her taste. … If the ring has been purchased already or is a family heirloom, he can bring a photo or the like.”


“Remove the stone from the ring. Carry it in your pocket and put the ring in your suitcase. (better yet, leave the ring at home and buy a setting in the US). Declare the diamond. There is no duty on loose diamonds. If they ask why you have it tell them that you want to get a ring made in the US.” (makes for a great how-he-proposed caper story).

I hope she says yes. And I fully expect to be experiencing deja vu soon, with a bowl of popcorn in my lap.

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