It’s a Virgin, But It’s In Beta

Truth be told, this conversation on the V-Flyer forums isn’t all that special. In fact, it’s downright dull.

But I had to give props because it made me aware of a site I hadn’t heard of previously –

This is really something folks. You enter your departure city, your destination city and your dates of travel, pick your frequent flyer program, and this site tells you which flights have reward seats available and how many points/miles you will need to spend.

Ok, sure, right now it only works for virgin atlantic flying club members … but it does say it’s in beta so maybe there is hope that more will be added. Having said that, I’m not going to hold my breath. If my memory serves, Continental once sued a guy who built a site that could be used to search for award availability on their airline and forced him to shut it down because it was showing beyond a doubt that there wasn’t any award availability on Continental. The smart money says most airlines today would feel similarly about allowing public access to this kind of information … for the exact same reasons.

Still, the world is becoming more open every day. And who knows, maybe is owned by Edward Snowden.

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