Giving Thanks

For those of you who haven’t flown EasyJet before, picture what you imagine a South American bus ride would feel like. Take away the live chickens and replace them with two trinket-hawking “flight attendants” who are quite surly – especially given the fact their primary job appears to be selling you things you don’t want or need – and who you are pretty sure were turned down for jobs at McDonalds before getting this gig.

Oh, and instead of riding in a bus on the ground, you are flying 35,000 feet in the air in an airplane manned by a pilot who accepted a job flying for EasyJet.

Now, in case that doesn’t sound bad enough, imagine sitting in a middle seat. No, wait. Imagine sitting in a middle seat next to someone else’s 2-yr-old child.

This thread describes just this scenario from the perspective of the 2-yr-old child’s parent – Caz-Windsor – but I can’t help seeing it from the other perspective. No matter how reasonable the price, I’m pretty sure being seated next to a 2-yr-old would be my last straw. Then again, I would absolutely offer to change seats. I mean, who is this person who wouldn’t change seats? Should such a “human” even be allowed to live among us?

It’s an interesting (English?) law that doesn’t require a parent and his/her 2-yr-old child to sit in adjacent seats on a flight.

And as I write this on Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., I am exceptionally thankful that I do not have children, that I have had the “opportunity” to fly EasyJet only once in my life, and that there is a better than average chance I will never have to do so again.

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