What Do the 99% Flyers Think of the 1% Flyers?

When the average passenger on a United airlines flight watches a United Global Services member walk past everyone else up to the front of the line, after being called to do so by the gate agent, what do they think?

That’s what GSunitedloyal wants to know. But he ain’t gonna get an answer by posting on the United Airlines MileagePlus forum on Milepoint.

What he, and the rest of us, can learn however is, what do lesser United Mileage Plus elite members think.

That person really spends a lot of time away from home. ~T5campbell

your someone I aspire to be someday ~Flying Machine

“Thank God I’m not you!” ~ducster

“Man that person is really good at spending his employer’s money” ~Hartmann

But the winner of the “Wittiest Reply so far posted” goes to ContinentalFan, who makes a guess as to what an average traveler might think:

“Wow, that air marshall looks out of shape”

Read the thread in its entirety: what do the average traveler thinks about Global Services ?

Lewinsville, Sep 22, 2008” by Dion Hinchcliffe. CC BY-SA 2.0.


  1. Hilarious!!! I was going to say air marshal or UA service worker. I never understood why the top top top invite only tier is called “Global Services”. It sounds international & service oriented; not someone who spends lots of $$$ on UA. 😉
    I was a UA 1K for a number of years and whenever I flew star alliance partner airlines as a UA 1K, most gate/checkin agents didn’t know what 1K was. I think I would have gotten better service had I been a UA Platinum or UA Gold.

  2. I think a lot of it depends on the person. I look like a college kid and Group 1 people (especially when I travel during peak times) will do a double take when I walk up when GS is called and the entire Group 1 is whispering/wondering who I was. Even agents will sometimes tell me that it’s not my turn yet assuming i’m too young to be GS. It’s even worse with my brother (he looks like he’s in high school). Other times, people have no idea. I see GE people try to enter, other people on international itineraries try to enter, or just shout out “What is Global Services?!?!”

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