The Case for the 2-3 Star Hotel

Most readers of this blog, and BoardingArea in general, probably enjoy collecting miles and points so as to enjoy travel in a style you might not otherwise be able to enjoy.

That is, more luxuriously than if you didn’t utilize miles and points.

And that’s great.

But over on the TravBuddy forums members are discussing their preferences with regard to roughing it or traveling in luxury and it’s interesting to read how different travelers approach this question.

taking the allocated budget, you can either spend it all on a 5-star hotel, or spend part of it on cheaper accomodation and spend the balance on making your own home comfortable. I prefer living in my house with a garden and sleep in hostels and two-star hotels to spending two weeks a year in a 5-star resort and the other 50 weeks in a Spartan condo. ~marc_mtl73

I must have my own room and bathroom, then I compare the prices for different locations and luxuries. I tend to spend more on activities and experiences. I try to think of it as “If I’m only here once, what would I regret not doing”. ~jenbob12

I prefer Airbnb over hotels, enjoy trying out local places to eat and drink, use public transport to get around and book economy for very cheap or free on miles or fire sales and might upgrade depending on cost ~MNMark

well most of my trip in the rough part, because if it’s luxury I tend not to going anywhere to explore the destination :p too lazy because too comfort ~mmeymey

That last comment by mmeymey really caught my attention – probably because I can relate. Having stayed at some nicer properties, I do sometimes feel like I have fallen into a trap whereby we stay at the hotel longer in the morning because the breakfast is so good and everything is nice and comfortable, and we return from sightseeing earlier to take advantage of the lounge in the evening, or to sit on the deck and enjoy a dinner, or what have you.

And naturally, this leads to less time out and about exploring.

Perhaps less nice, though still clean, accomodations would be a better approach.

What about you? Do you tend to travel in style, or on a shoestring? And if you have done both, which do you find more appealing?

Read the thread in its entirety: Rough it out or luxury?

Next door to the Hotel Insomnia?” by R/DV/RS. CC BY 2.0.


  1. All I need is a reasonably comfortable bed in a decent location. I tend not to be overly excited about credit cards that offer hotel points, since I find myself not using the points. I can usually find a better deal than a redemption, whether it’s via Airbnb or just hunting around. I do have a couple of cards that give an annual free night, which come in handy for airport stays and/or places that just don’t have cheap rooms.

  2. I completely agree. All of the travel blogs always talk about 4 & 5 star chain hotels. Unless you’re at a location where you spend a good amount of time in your room – thinking a beach vacation – it doesn’t even really matter.

    I love finding newer low end hotels, small family run hotels, Airbnb or bed & breakfasts. Not only are the rooms usually nice, I feel so much smarter that I saved so much money. I also love that the small business owner gets the money I’m spending, not a corporation. I used the saved money to go out & do things when I’m traveling or save up for my next trip 🙂

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