Want To Know Which Frequent Flyer Programs Are the Best, and Why? Read this

It’s Freddie Award voting season again and I imagine the servers at the House of Miles (the home of Frequent Flyer Services, the organization that operates the awards) are heating up with all of the millions of incoming votes.

But while finding out which airline and hotel loyalty programs win, and don’t win, when the awards are presented on April 30th will be fun, as gregm over on Milepoint points out:

It’s very interesting to hear why people voted for, and in a way, against these different corporations. Much better than seeing just a ranking, is seeing the explanation behind making the choice.

And explaining their Freddie Awards voting choices is exactly what travelers are doing in this thread.

On both Milepoint and FlyerTalk there are countless threads in which you will find people who are new to the miles and points game asking which programs are the best. To all of you out there struggling with that same question, forget starting another thread and instead peruse this discussion as a starting point.

And in the comments section below please place your bets as to whether a Delta SkyMiles representative will set foot on the stage at the Delta Flight Museum in the Delta headquarters building in Atlanta, where this year’s ceremony is being held, to accept an award.

Keep in mind that this is the program that has during this Freddie Award voting season elected to:

  • Only offer the lowest-priced awards to travelers who redeem and reserve at least 21 days in advance of the flight,
  • Eliminate additional award space that was previously reserved for elite members,
  • No longer display award charts, telling members instead to rely on the award search feature on the website, (and was then forced to admit to a glitch with their award search feature – after it was discovered by FlyerTalkers – that priced awards higher for elite members.)

Read the thread in its entirety: The 26th annual Freddie Awards: who wins and why?

Image courtesy of the Freddie Awards.



  1. Just my two cents, but the only time a Delta person is on stage is to welcome the winners to their venue.

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