I See People Who See Dead People, and They Annoy Me

As long-time readers might remember, back in July I discovered that fellow BoardingArea blogger Angelina Aucello – author of the Just Another Points Traveler blog – was nuttier than a Payday candy bar in that she believes in ghosts and claims to have actually become telepathically aware of one when staying at the Grand Hyatt Taipei.

Now I come to find that Lucky (aka Ben Schlappig) of One Mile at a Time fame is also “creeped out by places” he perceives to have “bad energy” and so has opted not to stay at the Sheraton Bandara in Jakarta based on reports of it being haunted.

According to Lucky, who isn’t fessing up to actually believing in ghosts but who clearly does and is (rightfully) embarrassed about it:

Even if the place isn’t actually “haunted” (whatever that means, if you even believe in it), I know I’d be thinking about it nonstop if I were there. And I’d attribute every noise I heard to something supernatural.

Interestingly, and similarly to how Angelina’s readers reacted to her admission of lunacy, some of Lucky’s readers outed themselves in support of him.

As one who easily “notices” ghosts in various ways, I try my best to avoid haunted hotels and would totally change a reservation if I know a property is haunted ahead of time. ~LindaK

I am sensitive to energy so I’d rather not since some immediate & extended family have had encounters. … if a hotel has a ‘reputation’ for being a haunted hotel, forget it. I am out. ~BOShappyflyer

Others, however, took the fears a bit less seriously.

if you die there, can I have your Starpoints? ~traderprofit

Don’t worry Ben, remember that Asians are usually nicer to westerners. I’m sure the same goes for Asian ghosts ;p ~Rafael

Like Angelina, Lucky is good people. And so while this ridiculous belief of his must obviously be considered a demerit against his judgement and intelligence, it doesn’t completely define him. You should still read his A380 first-class trip reports, his experiences about a life lived in hotels, and learn from him how best to utilize miles and points.

But when you read something he writes with which you disagree, you can remind yourself that he belongs in a loony bin (where he would probably really freak out since it’s a known fact that unthinkable tortures were performed on many of the inmates at those facilities in days gone by) and reaffirm your superiority.

I guess what I’m saying is, go ahead and read Lucky’s blog, but pity the poor, soulful creature.

Toby is making me aware that he is unhappy with this post so I better stop there (Bonus points if you can name the movie reference. Extra bonus points if you can identify the movie reference in the post title.).

Read Lucky’s post, and the comments, in its entirety: Changing Travel Plans Over A Haunted Hotel…

Ghost Stories” by Tom. CC BY 2.0.

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