Always Look On the Bright Side of Flight

Brilliant. Hilarious. Nearly perfect.

These are words I would use to describe this Spirit Airlines trip report penned by Devil’s Advocate on the Travel Codex blog.

If you haven’t read it yet, read it now. Don’t wait until later when you might forget. If you are late for a meeting, be late and risk unemployment.

It’s that good.

Some excerpts that will surely entice you to click through:

I’m so excited! I finally had a chance to try out Spirit Airlines’ Hey-Buddy-Nothing-In-Life-Is-Free Class of service last week, and all I can say is… wow! …


As I proceeded with booking, I was offered a chance to pay a fee to check a bag, which I declined. I was also offered a chance to pay a fee to bring on a carry-on bag — anything bigger than a backpack in the cabin costs money. I decided I could carry everything in my backpack, so I declined. I was then offered a chance to pay a fee for Spirit to carry extra oxygen on the plane, so that in case of emergency I would not be left without my share of breathable air. I probably should have accepted that one …


The best part of declining to pay all these fees at home is that when I got to the airport, I would have the chance to decline them all over again. That’s the Spirit way. …


Upon my arrival at the semi-exclusive Spirit terminal in Las Vegas … I was greeted by a Spirit associate who dispensed with the pleasantries of “hello” and “good afternoon” and instead immediately informed me that carry-on bags were $50 apiece. …


Before we were allowed to board, those of us who had printed our boarding passes at home were informed that we would need to tear those sheets in half in order to hand one part to the gate agent. As I tore mine, I accidentally ripped a bit of the barcode and became fearful that I would be charged a “boarding pass repair fee.”

As far as Devil’s Advocacy goes, in my opinion this trip report ranks right up there with the crucifixion scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”:

Read the post and comments in their entirety – right now: Devil’s Advocate Trip Review: Spirit Air A319 Las Vegas to LAX

“A319 Side Exterior” courtesy of Spirit Airlines.

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