Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin’

As BradJill points out over on the TripAdvisor forums, Ferris Wheels seem to be making quite a comeback.

No longer reserved for carnivals and fair grounds, Ferris wheels and observation wheels have sprung up in many major cities around the world as a new form of sky-view attraction. … It will be interesting to see in 10-20 years, if the giant wheel mania that we have entered continues or these giant wheels will lose favour to different forms of tourism entertainment.

Me personally, I’m no big fan of heights and so haven’t ridden and don’t plan to ride any of the giant Ferris Wheels. But to each their own, and I do wonder what others think about these wheels and whether they are worth a ride. I think SEBESZ makes an interesting observation:

the placement of the structure is so important if done right it can add much to the skyline and feel of a city and destination, if done haphazardly it can be nothing more than an eyesore.

Are you a Ferris Wheel fan? And have you ridden on any that you felt provided a perspective of the city that added greatly to your enjoyment of your visit?

Read the thread in its entirety: Have We Entered a Ferris Wheel Renaissance?

And just for fun here’s a little old school Journey to get your weekend kicked off right:

Ferris Wheel at Art Scape 2014” by Forsaken Fotos. CC BY 2.0.


  1. I’ll try almost anything once. But ferris wheels are not going to done a second time. Hated it.

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