Are Your Travel Choices Logical? Whimsical? Something Elseical?

kentvuong over on the TravBuddy forums posed a great question to fellow travelers recently, “How do you guys decide on, or rank future trips?

Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly to some readers – and particularly some fellow BoardingArea bloggers, none of the travelers who have replied so far have listed a desire to fly on a certain aircraft or class of service as a reason for choosing an itinerary. Pretty much every other base has been covered though.

I travel stand by, so that is how I decide. I look to see what flights have space on them, especially in the premium cabin, and then I go from there. ~vulindlela

Many destinations I picked because a friend told me “come, visit me” or “let’s go there”. I don’t like solo travels so many trips were determinated by my friends. ~EmyG

I decide on trips by coming across pictures that are captivating, or reading articles that highlight something about a place that speaks to me. How I rank them is by how long I’ve been dreaming of going and timing. ~andawayIgo

For me it’s geographical. I move every few years with my job, and my location can vary all over the globe. When I’m in a certain place I have like a 7,000 mile radius in my head of everything available. ~TravelingChris

It’s enlightening and eye-opening to read how different people rely on such radically different methods to decide where to take their next trip. Who knows, reading others’ travel-decision methods might just cause you to re-evaluate your own.

Read this very interesting thread in its entirety: How do you guys decide on, or rank future trips?

Which Way Now?” by Nick Page. CC BY 2.0.

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