Scary Video of Traveling Couple Being Robbed At Gunpoint

You hear and read stories about getting mugged/robbed when traveling, but it’s difficult to imagine how scary it really is until you actually experience it. I’m fortunate to have never experienced (yet), but stumbled upon this video of a couple who were quite literally the victims of a highway robbery while riding their motorcycle in Guatemala and, man-o-man does this look scary.

The event, which occurred several months ago, has garnered some interesting discussion on the Horizons Unlimited forums. In the thread several fellow travelers share some very good tips with regard to protecting your life and your valuables when faced with a similar circumstance.

use a “fake wallet” in the place were most people normally carry their wallet…inside jacket pocket. ~rndef

they did exactly the right thing. They gave them what they wanted and lived through it. ~Lonesome George

When I travel, I make a point of uploading photos whenever I have access to internet in case my camera is lost or stolen. ~brclarke

Have you ever been robbed while traveling? If so, please describe the experience in the comments section below. How/where were you accosted? What did they take? How long did the event last? What, if anything, did you do right, or what would you have done differently?

Read the thread in its entirety: ambush in guatemala filmed

2012/366/322 Double Danger/Peril” by Alan Levine. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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