Everything You Need to Know About Comparing Hilton Diamond and Gold in 2015

Determining how much money it might be worth spending to reach the highest elite level in a program is a common conundrum for frequent travelers. And it’s a particularly difficult problem to solve for travelers who have not yet experienced first-hand the benefits of said highest elite level.

WilliamQ is struggling with just such a question on the Milepoint forums. Specifically, he is seeking opinions as to whether spending $2,000 on mattress runs so as to obtain Hilton Diamond status could be considered a good value. As is so often the case there is no clear consensus, but the thread contains very well reasoned factors to consider.

I think if you stay exclusively in expensive properties in Asia, you should go for it. If you stay exclusively in the US, you should avoid. ~flyforawg

I’d check on how individual properties treat diamonds – while spending 2k now at the chance of better treatment in 2 years is a risk, it’s less of one if you have an idea of the status quo at the properties of greatest interest. ~mattsteg

As a HH Diamond, I have completely different “preoccupations” than those that HH Golds have: I am shooting for a suite upgrade and not for an upgrade to the exec floor, which I am guaranteed ~NYCUA1K

WhiteDesert does a nice job of summarizing how one might approach the problem from a broader perspective.

I think that the question of whether or not Hilton Diamond is worth chasing is a very personal thing, and is best answered by doing an analysis of the Hilton status benefits that are most valuable to you … If those benefits fully fall under the HH Gold umbrella, then you have your answer. If they don’t, then I think you probably need to secure Diamond once, and analyze if the worth of those benefits is as you predicted and thus merits the effort necessary to keep Diamond.

All in all, this is one of the better discussions I have read comparing and contrasting Hilton Gold and Hilton Diamond benefits. Definitely worth a read for anyone who is mulling over a similar decision as we launch into a new hotel status-earning year.

Read the thread in its entirety: HHonors Diamond Status

Wembley Hilton” by (Mick Baker)rooster. CC BY-ND 2.0.


  1. Would never spend a penny in Hilton with the expectation I will get something from them. They are the Delta airlines from the hotel industry.

  2. Just returned from trip to Asia (3 Conrads, 1 Hilton) and Europe (3 Hilton)… got 3 suite upgrades (1 Conrad, 2 Hilton) and 4 executive floor room upgrades.

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