Surprising Things You Might Find on an Airplane … In a Bad Way

When I was a kid we read a magazine called “Dynamite”. In every issue (I think, it’s been awhile) there was a section called “What’s Grosser Than Gross”. The section was basically just an animated list of things kids might find disgusting. Things like:

  • Eating your first bite of cereal and realizing you accidentally poured orange juice on it instead of milk.
  • Anchovy, mustard and peanut butter pizza (to be fair, adults would find that disgusting as well)
  • Hugging your brother/sister

This thread about shocking seat back pocket finds reminded me of those old “Dynamite” magazine pieces. If there were a “What’s Grosser Than Gross” piece for airline travel I think these anecdotes would qualify.


I’d like to say a big “thank you” to whoever was in my seat 1F on the flight before mine…


I can’t tell you how delighted I was to pull the inflight magazine out, only to open it up to be greeted by the gift of scrunched up tissues that you left for me to find between its pages.


I hope your cold gets better soon, even though my glimpse was brief I could tell that it was a bad one. ~BadgerBoi

Hong Kong to Melbourne recently, the pungent odour of vomit hit me, but the passenger next to me hadn’t convulsed and retched and we were still on the ground!


So what was the cause?


The scum bag on a previous flight had emptied their lunch, not into a sick bag but into the plastic bag enclosing the blanket, with the blanket still inside.


It was neatly folded so the tear in the bag was hidden and cleaning staff thought it unused… ~mickjoebill

I once saw a family of three leave six-sandwiches-worth of chicken and mayonnaise filling (they obviously didn’t like it) and the crusts, on the floor. ~Jaryd.collins

Ah, for the innocence of youth.

What’s your worst grosser than gross in-flight experience?

Read the thread in its entirety: Seat Pocket Surprise

Mixed messages from the airplane seat pocket” by espring4224. CC BY 2.0.


  1. I was recently seated behind a man who decided to eat a sandwich that smelled similar to an open-air fish market on a very hot summer day. I was seated about a dozen rows from the front on the small commuter jet, but the smell was so obnoxious and pungent that it made its way to the cockpit and the captain called the FA to ask the man put the sandwich away.

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