How Retirees Really Travel

BBQ-Nut is planning to retire soon and is attempting to get a handle on how much to budget for travel, based on the types of trips he expects he and his wife will want to take. What better way to determine retirement travel costs than by asking those who would know – retirees who travel and post on the Early-Retirement forums?

How much did you spend on your last trip and where did you go? … Would you care to share some ‘actuals’ from your trip expenses? ~BBQ-Nut

Boy would they. At the time of this writing the thread contains more than 150 posts. And trip costs range from several hundred dollars to several tens of thousands. And as shortstop14 writes, it is exceptionally:

Interesting (and educational) to see the different styles and methods of traveling.

To which walkinwood adds:

This is a really helpful thread. Though actual costs will depend a lot on individual preferences, there is much detail in here to help plan.

This thread contains detailed descriptions of trips many of us would never want to take, trips that many of us could never afford to take (if we were paying in cash, that is), and trips we might not have ever thought to take – but certainly will after having learned about them.

Just a sampling of some of the types of trips detailed in the thread:

Last month I did a 10-day driving vacation to Virginia … and spent around $2800.00 (hotels, gas, tolls, food, admissions). My big splurge was a $250.00 a night oceanfront condo in Virginia Beach for 3 nights but it was great in that it had a terrific kitchen. I bought freshly picked lump crab daily and ate it twice a day out on the balcony. ~WhoDaresWins

In January my DW and I went to St. Lucia where we chartered a bareboat Lagoon 420 sailing catamaran with friends and did a 2 week sail as far north as Antigua and back. We also did stop offs on Guadaloupe, Dominica and Martinique. Costs were approx $1200 airfare, $2000 share of charter and $1800 food & fun. Total = $6000. ~krafthaus

We did our “dream trip” two years ago and spent $12,604. Took Amtrak in a private room out to Oregon from the Midwest- worth every penny! We spent one week in Oregon and Washington state. We then flew to Alaska and spent two weeks before flying home. Stayed at a mix of really nice hotels, and little cabins with cooking facilities. Ate at some little cafes and some really nice restaurants. ~bizlady

Stayed in San Diego for a few nights in Mission Bay. The most expensive part of the trip was Fogo De Chao Brazillian Steakhouse but I didn’t have to pay for that as our dinner guests picked up the check. Got a deal with US Airways where I received 2 companion tix for $99…but buddy was so ecstatic he tipped me when he repaid his ticket. ~kgtest

Read the thread in its entirety – it’s great fun and sure to provide some entertainment and trip ideas: How much was your last trip & where did you go?

And in the comments section below, please post about your most lavish, expensive trip … and what it actually cost you. I’m betting several of the travelers over on the Early-Retirement forums would be interested to hear what types of trips can be achieved with strategic use of miles and points.

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