Not Any Other Trip Report – The Blah Airlines Trip Report

Back in October Virgin America launched a brilliant campaign designed to demonstrate how air travel on Virgin America was different, and much more enjoyable, than other carriers.

And thankfully MileWriter posted a “trip report” that references this campaign on Milepoint or I might have missed the entire thing.

In case you too had not heard of this campaign, allow me to introduce you – via MileWriter – to Blah Airlines.

As a miles & points travel blogger, I love to show off what it’s like to fly in the better part of the plane. BLAH is currently the only airline in the world testing a revolutionary 3-class product, and I recently had a chance to be on-board one of the thousands of flights that take-off AND land every single day.


Instead of resorting to tacky naming conventions like BusinessElite® or “World Business Class,” BLAH’s products speak for themselves. On BLAH, you fly Aisle, Middle, or Window.



This inaugural EWR-SFO flight was on a specially-configured and rarely-cleaned Boeing 7000-SUP. I’m pretty sure there were only 500 Middle seats on the entire aircraft!



I know you all want to fly like this, so I’m happy to share a number of BLAH’s exclusive promotions! For a limited time only, receive a complimentary styrofoam cup with every decaffeinated coffee order, absolutely free!

This is but only a short excerpt from a masterfully written trip report. The full report can be found on MileWriter’s blog.

And as for the Blah Airlines campaign itself, it is equally masterful. The website is inspired. Drab and dull color scheme. An FAQs section with questions and answers like:

You can get on the standby list by standing in line at the airport.

And the testimonials. Oh, the testimonials:

“They got me to Seattle. I’ll give them that.” — Megan P., 31. Saratosa, Florida


“If the only point in air travel is to get to your destination eventually, then I guess you could say that BLAH gets the job done.” — Malilk B., 27. Los Angeles, CA

But to top it all off has to be Blah Airline’s 6-hour video. Yep, that’s a six … as in 666. A note on the Blah Airline’s website claims that another airline took this video from a passenger’s point of view on a Blah flight from Newark to San Francisco in an effort to harm Blah Airlines. But Blah’s executives believe the ploy backfired and are proud to show the video to anyone who will watch.

Here’s the video if you are inclined to watch. Extra points to anyone who gets through the full six hours.

Seriously, even if you only watch 5-10 minutes it’s clear that this is comedic genius. And if you make it further there are some gems thrown in along the way. If you can’t be bothered to find them on your own, Christopher Ratcliff at Econsultancy shows you where to find the video’s highlights.

Thank you MileWriter for bringing this to my attention. This has to be one of the best airline ad campaigns I have ever seen … and that includes the Air New Zealand nudie ads.

Read MileWriter’s trip report thread in its entirety: BLAH Airlines Trip Report: EWR-SFO Middle Class


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