Anywhere But Home For Christmas

As much as the missus and I might fantasize about traveling somewhere warm each Christmas; somewhere far, far away from family – “Four Christmases” style – we have never done so. At the end of the day (or year, as it were) we always suffer through spend the holiday with at least some exceptionally annoying people of our relatives.

Haha … just kidding family.

But as they say, different strokes for different folks. Some of the folks on the TravelBlog forums will actually be celebrating Christmas on the road, and Asia seems to be a particularly popular destination.

We love Christmas, and much prefer to to spend it at home with friends and family. However, this year we will be in Shanghai. ~Rat on the Road

Although, spending time with ones family during this season is always a good things. I will not be doing so this year. I am going to spend it in China like I did for the past 5 Christmas’ ~travellingterry

Of course, not everyone traveler travels to Asia during the holiday. Or at least they don’t travel to Asia every year.

After spending an ‘interesting’ Christmas on Ko Lanta last year, we decided to spend it at home this year. … we realised that family is what makes it a special time of year ~AndrewFamily

What about you? Where will you be spending Christmas this year? For that matter, do you even celebrate Christmas? And, if not, have you found that there are particularly good places to visit where the holiday isn’t mainstream?

Asia perhaps?

Read the TravelBlog thread in its entirety: Where Will You be Putting your Stocking this Christmas?

Abandoned” by Kellie. CC BY-SA 2.0.


  1. We haven’t been home for Christmas for a few years now. It is the only time besides summer that I can travel for two weeks without much worry about homework, so I usually plan a trip far away: twice we were in China visiting my family; once in Florida visit my in-laws; another time in Disney World (big mistake too crowded!); and once in Cabo. This year we are going back to Mexico to the resort where the kids love. Next year we might stay home… We packed small gifts for the kids to open on Christmas Day, and they never fail to wake us up at 6am Xmas day because the found the gifts.. As for the feel of Christmas, in China it feels odd but decorations and buffets are lovely. We loved Key West, you know it is holiday but yet the it is not overwhelming! Can’t wait to get back there..

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