Week in Review: What World Travelers Wear, $29 Fares for Skinny People, and Saying Goodbye to a Job and Hello to a Long Trip

1. You’re Wearing 100% Cotton? And You Call Yourself a World Traveler?

There are no shortage of discussions amongst travelers around the interwebs about travel clothing options. But which fabrics do travelers prefer their clothing to be made of for specific garments?

2. $29 One-Way Fares for the Very Light and Very Gullible

Atlanta-based airline North Gulf Air has introduced a new charge-by-the-pound fee based not only on the weight of the passenger’s luggage, but on the weight of the passenger him or herself. Ok, turns out the whole thing is a satirical sendup of the ridiculousness of airline ala carte fees – but the discussion is still a great read.

3. Resigned to Experiencing the Trip of a Lifetime

It is exciting to think about hanging it all up, even if only for a brief while, and seeing the world at your own pace. Here’s to a trip of a lifetime. May you find joy, strength, wonder and fulfillment. To “no regrets” and the promise of tomorrow.

 Image: “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” by nolifebeforecoffee. CC BY 2.0.

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