Turning in Your Frequent Flyer Card for an Employee ID

Anyone reading this a fan of “Last Comic Standing”? If you watched last season you probably fell in love with the comedic stylings of Rod Man, who was selected as the winning comedian last season.

One of Rod Man’s funniest bits was the “I’m a shopper” bit (beware, this version of the bit is not work safe).

Funny, funny stuff. And I couldn’t help but think of it when I came across this thread in which Milepoint members discuss United’s latest innovation – print at home bag tags.

United is offering print at home bag tags now for single segment flights out of Logan to be expanded more later.


At the BOS club plastic bag tag holders and instructions being distributed for those interested. ~mht_flyer

Yeah, I don’t work here United … I’m a flyer.

In all seriousness though, others seem to think this is a pretty good idea:

With TSA Pre check, the bag check process is now my longest waiting time. I dont like waiting, especially for people fumbling at the machines. ~vickers

I think anything that can be put in the consumer’s hand to help expedite is a good thing to go with. ~lapointdm

What do you think? Have you found yourself wishing you could print your own bag tags? And if you do print your own bag tags and your luggage goes missing because the tags fall off, do you think the lost luggage itself should be your penalty for a job poorly done – or should United fire you?

Read the thread in its entirety: United to offer print at home bag tags for single segments out of BOS

And just for fun, here is another hilarious comedian talking about self checkout (also not work safe):

Cool Self Check Out” by Hamish. CC BY-ND 2.0.


  1. Well I’m not sure they can fire me as “our” new union wouldn’t be very happy with that. I do feel that this should entitle me to one of those “Crew” luggage tags and I should be able to use the crew member priority TSA lines at the airport 🙂

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