Who Knew There Were So Many Staircases Worth Visiting

We travel to see temples, cathedrals, natural wonders, ancient ruins … to collect miles, to eat at a particular restaurant, to stay at a destination hotel.

But how many staircases do you have on your “must visit” checklists?

Let’s see, the Spanish Steps in Rome is probably on a lot of lists. Possibly the Potemkin stairs in Odessa. After that, the list of must-see staircases gets pretty sparse.

But spocklogic on TravBuddy posted a link to an article on boredpanda that lists (and shows photographs of) 17 beautifully decorated staircases that are certainly worth a visit.

I’m particularly fond of the Angers, France staircase, though it appears to have been a temporary origami art installation.

As I began looking through my own photos to see if I had taken any photos with the prime focus being to capture staircases, I was surprised to discover that, despite never before having considered myself a staircase connoisseur, I have taken no fewer than eight staircase photos. One was an obligatory photo of the Spanish Steps, so that almost doesn’t count because it’s practically a requirement if you visit Rome. Another is an oddball because I took the picture to memorialize the staircase that my wife fell on during another trip (the photo wasn’t as cruel as it sounds – in fact, I think taking it was her idea for scrapbooking purposes).

The others though, are fairly random. See for yourselves, and feel free to guess the location/staircases in the comments section. Frankly, I’m not even sure I remember the exact location of all of these, so if you guess correctly you will be doing me a favor.







How many of the staircases on the boredpanda list have you visited? And how many staircase photos do you have in your collection?

Photo by me – shot somewhere in the tropical rainforest jungles of Hawaii.


  1. There is an amazing book called “Stairway walks in San Francisco” which is so fantastic! We found so many new books and crannies of the city with it!

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