Regional Jets Redefining In-Flight Comfort

I have long believed, and still believe, that if SeatGuru, SeatExpert or some other similar site could develop an algorithm that would highlight seats that are positioned next to seats with a low chance of being filled, that site would gain an enormous audience.

Some travelers, travelers like me for instance, place such a high premium on privacy and additional space that it trumps almost every other comfort and convenience factor when choosing a seat – and in some cases even an aircraft. Offer me a seat near the lavatory and guarantee me that no one will be seated next to me and I will take that over an exit row seat with more legroom, but with seat mates. Give me a row to myself in economy and you can keep your business class seat next to the insurance salesman/entrepreneur/parent-who-brings-his-kid-up-to-see-where-daddy-is-sitting – or whomever else I might have the misfortune to be seated next to.

All of which brings me to vickers, who is quite fond of regional jets with 1×2 seating and is curious if others feel the same:

Personally, I really enjoy the regional jets, and here are my reasons:

  • I dont have elite status with any airline (yet….) so the lack of first class is no biggie for me.
  • I always check a bag, so I just carry my backpack on.
  • I watch movies or TV shows on my iPad, so no wifi or entertainment system does not bother me.
  • And the best thing about regional jets……………..A!!!!! I dont have to sit beside anyone.


Any others out there like me?

The short answer appears to be “No”. While some of the travelers who post in this thread do acknowledge that they appreciate that regional jets provide service to locales that otherwise wouldn’t be served, no one seems to be onboard, as it were, with vickers assessment of the value proposition.

And some are even adamantly opposed.

…regional jets are noisy and very cramped, with too-small seats (and no way to buy bigger ones, as most don’t have a first class section) and overhead bins too small to accept most standard-sized carryons. ~moongoddess

Often narrow, poorly padded, tight putch seats. Wall can intrude on shoulder room. Less reliable operation and bumpier ride. ~mattsteg

I don’t know if you ever took the most awful redeye of all time but I can tell you, CO’s old PHX-IAH dep. 0150 on an E145 takes a great deal of beating. The pax certainly did – take a beating, I mean. This flight was quite possibly the most intolerable scheduled service I’ve ever encountered in every respect ~redtailshark

daninstl, however, has a decidedly different view of regional jets:

I love regional jets so much I would like to own one. They are like a cheap blind date. Not always the right fit but you can put up with anything for a short period of time.


How do you feel about regional jets? And more generally, how important to you are privacy and space when selecting a seat? The service, drinks and meal selection options, and seat comfort of first and business class get talked up quite a bit, but are the extra space and privacy the real selling points? If you could use miles to “upgrade” to an empty row in economy, would you do so?

Read the thread in its entirety: Why no love for Regional Jets?

Image: “Using my secret method, @gabrielmansour and I scored an entire row of empty seats on the airplane.” by Ben Lucier. CC BY 2.0

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