Perseverance Pays Off at Airline Ticket Counter

All mamamia2 wanted was to be able to book a direct flight on Iberia from Madrid to Chicago using AAdvantage miles.

AA booked us on an ORD-MAD flight with Iberia (AA does not fly to Madrid from Chicago). Naturally, for our return we wanted to get on the same direct flight, but AA claimed “we don’t yet have Iberia’s release of BC award seats on the direct MAD-ORD flight but only on their Madrid-Boston flight” which leaves an hour later.

She called the AAdvantage number religiously, for months on end, and felt like this:

Finally it was the day of the flight. After having tried calling AAdvantage one last time the previous night with no success, mamamia2 and her spouse gave it one last go and checked at the airline’s ticket counter to see if they could switch flights.

The ticket counter agents employed their magic fingers, like this:

And before they knew it, mamamia2 and her spouse were on the flight they wanted, feeling like this:

Yes travelers, miracles can happen.

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Image: “fongers crossed” by istolethetv. CC BY 2.0.

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