Nepal and Nepalese in Photos

Recent tragedies have hit Nepal hard and threaten to turn away tourists, which would provide a double whammy to the Nepalese people.

In the interest of encouraging Nepal tourism I bring you, from the traveler who brought you the trip report that inspired¬†Iran and Iranians in Photos, this report on a trip to a village near the base of Mt. Everest – including a take-off and landing at the “most dangerous airport in the world”.

And just like his Iranian trip report, DanielW fills his report with spectacular photos of landscapes, architecture, street scenes and best of all, amazing portrait after portrait of locals met along the journey. Here, with DanielW’s permission, are a few samples of the quality of photography you will find in this report:





In my opinion, while there are many outstanding trip report writers contributing to the online travel community, DanielW has set himself apart as one of the best. His professional-level photographic skills combined with his eye for the interesting shot and his venturesome spirit when it comes to asking locals to pose for portraits is absolutely a winning combination. In his first post on this thread he links to all of his other trip reports.

If you don’t have time right this moment to read them all, bookmark them – I implore you. They are stunning one and all.

Read the Nepal trip report in its entirety: Everest In Full Picture

Images courtesy of Daniel Whitfield.


  1. Hey Mikey, I just looked at all of Daniel’s photos and I’m thinking we should do this trip next year. I think, if you keep up with your morning workouts, you should be able to keep up with me. What do you think?

    Love, Mom

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