How to Milk a Unique Lodging Deal

How do many, if not most, BoardingArea and ThreadTripping readers choose a hotel when they are traveling? Well, if it’s a business trip you very likely perform a search to find the nearest hotels to your business meeting/conference/what have you that are aligned with the your favorite loyalty program.

Or perhaps your second favorite if business is taking you to a smaller city where your favorite chain doesn’t maintain a hotel.

And if it’s pleasure, well that’s easy – part of the reason you selected the destination in the first place was because you wanted to use your hotel points at a particularly nice hotel in the chain.

But over on the City-Data forums they take a different approach to hotel/motel selection, and it’s interesting to read about all of the considerations that go into a hotel when the points variable is removed:

For urban areas, I like a budget-business hotel (Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Courtyard, Ibis, etc.) that’s 4-5 public transit stops from the big attractions and in something resembling a neighborhood with a good number of permanent residents. Those kinds of places are generally quieter and have slightly cheaper restaurants and shops not geared toward the usual tourist stuff and let you have a nice ramble around the local grocery store, small housewares shop, etc. ~beachmouse

If I’m on business, I generally try to stay in the near suburbs where parking is free and it’s usually a little safer than the downtown area. …


When on vacation if we just need a place to stay, Hampton, Courtyard, etc. are usually our choice. If we are staying someplace for a few days we usually take it up a notch. This year we’ve stayed at everything from boutique hotels to historic hotels to a bunch of Intercontinentals to Homewood Suites and about anything in between. ~annerk

My job often involved entertaining executives of our customer companies while they attended industry conferences or trade shows or we were running meetings where new products were pitched to them. I really learned to appreciate what makes a quality hotel experience — not only the condition of the rooms and amenities but also the food and beverage service, conference rooms, availability of A/V services, a cooperative staff, efficient management, and a resourceful concierge. ~Jukesgrrl

I don’t like generic hotels with hundreds of rooms and slow elevators. You get more personalized service at a private home with only one or two rooms, the wi-fi is free and more reliable, and you get a decent breakfast thrown in for free. ~Scooby Snacks

Perhaps most interestingly though is StealthRabbit’s exceptionally positive perceptions of hospitality exchange programs – despite his holding elite status in several hotel programs.

Hospitality guest homes, $10/night worldwide for 25+ yrs. … Some of the best stays I have ever had or could imagine …


All exquisitely clean, AC,WiFi, full kitchen, recreation, free tour guide to region, excellent fresh markets and dining choices (for well under $3 USD per meal). …


Dairy farms are my favorite stays. There are many other hospitality guest home directories than listed. We use a “Farm home ” guide and thousands available in Europe. There is a profile of the host family, so you will know if you will be able to get up at 4AM to help with milking! In some cases in Basque region of Spain, and in France, and Switzerland, the cows are living below your bedroom, so it is an EZ commute to the barn! …


Give it a try! You may never set foot in another lonely / flea bag / smoke filled hotel!

Read the thread in its entirety: What kind of hotels do you usually stay in?

Image: “Morley’s Acres Farm and Bed & Breakfast” by kennejima. CC BY 2.0.


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