Exotic Family Travel: But Not Too Exotic, Thank You

Unless you are a veteran member of the DisBoards community, there are only so many times you, as a traveling parent with kids, can visit DisneyWorld. Sometimes you, and the kids – particularly as they become young teenagers – need to go somewhere a little more adventurous.

But where?

That’s precisely what Elaine101, who’s family is based in the UK, is trying to figure out:

We would like to go further than Europe, but I like to know the kids are fairly safe and not too far from help if they did get ill or bitten by something (I’m a worrier). … At the moment my ideas are – Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Cuba, South Africa, Sri Lanka.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Cuba, South Africa, Sri Lanka you say? The consensus?

Yes to all of the above … and them some.

We have done family vacations in Thailand and South Africa, both are great destinations. … SE Asia seems like a good bet. We spent most of June in Thailand, and had some rain but also many nice days. … Turkey comes to mind as a closer destination that may still qualify as exotic. ~jnhdrac

…how about Singapore? A tad warmer than you were looking for, however, very safe with a lot to do.. Plenty of shopping and Santosa Island would have a lot to entertain the family with. ~Mares2

Summer time would be ideal by the Vietnam beach, safe and cheap, awesome food, friendly people. ~Peter B

This is one of those threads that both gets your travel juices flowing and makes you realize there just isn’t enough time in a lifetime to see it all.

Still, it’s worth a shot.

Read the thread in its entirety to see which destination Elaine101 selected: Exotic but safe destination ideas

Image: “No wall maps or globes?” by Scott McLeod. CC BY 2.0.

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