This Week’s Top 3 Threads – September 6, 2014

1. “I Didn’t Know Diamond Status Allows You To Act Like an Entitled Douche”

Read any story published on a national news outlet about frequent flyers and you will invariably see commenters expressing their disgust at “entitled” frequent flyers who feel like they deserve “free” upgrades. What the non-frequent flyers don’t understand is that most frequent flyers don’t particularly care for the entitled types either.

2. Why is Everyone Abandoning Malaysia Airlines? Seriously.

If you could book an economy-class flight with the near guarantee that you would enjoy a full row to yourself at a steeply discounted price, would you do it? What if the airline offering this deal was Malaysia Airlines?

3. What Do Boarding Pass Scanners Actually Do?

What is being read by a boarding pass scanner if not information confirming that the boarding pass being scanned matches the flight information?


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Business Traveller

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  • Ben Hughes
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  • VG
  • Jim A


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Australian Frequent Flyer

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  • Captain Halliday


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  • Esltroy


  • varshapry
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 Image: “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” by nolifebeforecoffee. CC BY 2.0.

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