In a World Where “Eat Pray Love” and “Punch Drunk Love” Give Birth to a Sequel…

Hey all of you Hollywood big shot producers who read ThreadTripping daily (I know you’re out there), get your pencils sharpened and your checkbooks ready because BradJill has started a discussion on the TripAdvisor forums that has all the makings of a hit.

BradJill has even written your trailer voiceover for you (imagine a world in which this quote is read in movie trailer voiceover legend Don LaFontaine’s voice):

If you were suddenly handed $1000 … could leave immediately from the exact place you are were seated … Where would you go, for how long and why? What would you do there?

Would the movie focus on one traveler’s journey, or several; I don’t know? You are going to have to get a screenwriter to help you out with the details, not some piddly @$$ blog writer. But whoever you get will have plenty of material to draw from.

I’d be a tourist in my own city, and check into a nice high end hotel in Toronto for a night or 2 if the budget would stretch, and eat a fabulous meal at a high end restaurant ~Eden7

I’d probably head to the Southern Highlands and stay in a country estate, take in some local produce, and pop a bottle of Grange with a good book. ~KVE1005

I’ll just dig out my tenting gear, drive to Banff and camp at Tunnel Mountain (right on the edge of town). The $1000 can pay for my camping fees, gas money, a few attractions, and some great meals in town. Should be able to make it last for a week or maybe even two. ~Country_Wife

I would grab my wellies,waterproofs ( been many times before!! ) and go directly to North




I’d book a nice,quaint,little cottage and spend a fortnight,exploring all the breathtaking scenery and beaches,that are hidden away behind deep and fark forrests…


We’d eat welsh cakes while watching the raging rivers,enjoy a fish+chip supper in Betws-y-coed


and iced buns from the little bakery in town. ~darrenanddebbie

Well, ok. As good as all of those ideas are you might need a screenwriter to pep it up just a bit. No one is going to want to watch a movie where the protagonist just sits around eating fancy meals, reading and taking in scenery.

Unless maybe you can get Julia Roberts as the lead.

And to all of you non-Hollywood moguls who are reading this; where would you go if you someone handed you $1,000 and you had to leave immediately – from the exact place you are currently seated?

Before you answer that, please take a quick journey over to TripAdvisor to read the thread in its entirety: Someone gives you $1000, where do you go?

Image by ngader. CC BY 2.0.

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