Which Way to the Edge of the World?

Planning a round-the-world trip can be daunting. Where do you even begin?

No, seriously, gordon51freeman wants to know where – as in, what location in the world – should he begin his trip. And for good measure, where should he end it?

…i wanna travel the world, i want to see it all.


I just have two things i want to decide before i take off: Where do i start and where do I end?

Thank goodness he has narrowed it down to just two questions. I would be really nervous if there were a third.

To be fair to gordon, he does try to explain his request for information a little more precisely:

I’m not looking for a route or something! I know it’s nearly impossible to plan a route around the whole world (unless you have very specifical admires..) but i just want to know what would you guys and girls think is a good point to start, what is a good point so stop? Is there a point you can say: I have seen pretty damn much of this beatiful plant, I can come back home now.

Still, it’s a pretty impossible set of questions to answer. But when did “impossible” ever stop members of the travel community from trying.

Start with the easiest “foreign” destination on the planet – Thailand – where there’s a very extensive infrastructure and safety net for first time travellers and where it’s easy to travel cheaply and be surrounded by other new travellers same as yourself.


…why do you have to look for an end point? When it comes you will know. For many people the end point never happens. ~CheersT

You’re ending point is when you’re dead. ~DaNuck

The discussion is brief as of this writing, but intriguing nonetheless. It’s one of those philosophical travel discussions, along the lines of I Travel, Therefore I Vacation.

What advice would you give to a would-be world traveler who wants to visit “the edge of the world” – and see everything on the way? Seems like a pretty easy question to answer 😛

Read the thread in its entirety: Edge of the world

Image by Paleontour. CC BY 2.0.

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