3 Places You Will Never Be Able to Forget

You’ve seen things. Things that have been burned into your mind. Things that you will never be able to forget for as long as you live.

But in a good way.

Yes, you have seen things … because you have traveled.

At the end of the day that’s really the point of travel isn’t it – to see and experience places and things that will become unforgettable.

Well, that and business meetings.

Over on the City-Data forums nmnita has challenged fellow travelers to list their top three “sites you have seen that you will always remember?“. Depending on how extensive your travels have been, narrowing it down to just three could prove difficult – but dems da rules.

Among the sites that have made other travelers’ lists:

Auschwitz: How anyone could actually believe the holocaust did not exist is beyond me. That day made an impression on my I never forget. It was one of the most sobering days in my life, but I am glad I had an opportunity to see the camps first hand. ~nmnita

Couchsurfing in Lisbon with this guy, Luis. The kindest person I think I have ever met, it was almost eerie. He picked me up at the airport without me even expecting such a thing. Sounds sketchy, but nothing bad happened. He showed me all kinds of nice things, even drove us down the coast to some beaches near Porto Covo on a rainy Saturday. He still sends me an email around Christmas time each year since, which I do return of course. ~Jesse44

Interesting that both Couchsurfing and Lisbon are mentioned, as both have been in the ThreadTripping “news” recently. But back to the lists…

Grand Canyon – When I walked up near to the edge, I put my hand out as if I were about to touch a painting. That’s how unbelievable the view was to me. ~Gramercy

Block Island, Rhode Island: A “gem in the ocean,” recognized as one of the Last Great Places by the Nature Conservancy….no traffic lights or national-chain franchises…classic Victorian hotels, and one inn that’s a cluster of clapboard cottages which are drab on the outside and eye-catching on the inside…scads of scenic ocean (ya think?) views, open fields, and untouched thickets, with an astounding 40% or more of the land permanently protected from McMansions, resorts, et al…a paradise for birdwatchers and insect aficionados (don’t forget butterflies are insects)…so quiet that the noise of a moped is as bad as it gets…a haven for hikers, runners (multiple road races and “tri’s” each year), bicyclists, and people who do stuff on boards in the ocean, not to mention beach bums…some of the best swordfish and sloppiest sundaes you’ll ever taste…etc etc. ~goyguy

Tulip fields in The Netherlands. In Spring. In full bloom. AMAZING! ~Gwynyvyr

This is just a small sampling of the places that have left an indelible impression on the minds of the people who have visited there. And this discussion is a great read not only to see how many places that you have visited have made other’s lists, but also to gather ideas for future trips.

My top three most memorable places, in no particular order:

  • Carcassonne, France: As we drove around a corner and saw the walled city from afar for the first time, I will never forget staring in amazement and just thinking, “Is that real?”.
  • Pololu Valley Lookout, Big Island, Hawaii: There are scenic overlooks, and then there are scenic overlooks. Similar to Gramercy’s experience at the Grand Canyon, when we got out of our car and walked toward the trailhead that takes you down into the valley, and the beautiful black sand beach, my wife and I both experienced a surreal feeling like we were walking into a postcard.
  • Washington Square Park, New York City: Thousands upon thousands of people see this every day, but I will never forget strolling around Greenwich Village with my wife on one of our earliest vacations and fortuitously stumbling upon this iconic landmark that we had seen in so many movies and “Friends” episodes. Silly? Maybe. But memorable nonetheless.

What’s on your top three list?

Read the thread in its entirety: in your travels: what are the 3 sites you have seen that you will always remember?

Image by my wife – taken while hanging out much too dangerously in my opinion over the edge of the wall.

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