10 Cities You Would Not Travel To

anileze has challenged Milepoint members to list 10 cities/places they would not want to travel to, and has launched the discussion with his own “Bottom 10” list that is filled mostly with cities located in war torn countries…

…and Detroit.

The key to this list is that everyone is supposed to list the specific reason why they would not want to travel to a particular destination.

Lagos To travel from airport to hotel and back, even to move around in the city after dark requires being armed. Not exactly a weekend in Paris ~anileze

When I visited Nuevo Laredo about 25 years ago, the biggest danger was from the young kids panhandling American tourists. With heads literally rolling in those streets, it’s now a very different and quite dangerous place. ~Newscience

As long as Gaza is ruled by Hamas whose charter calls for the death of every Jew everywhere (but especially in Israel), it will just have to remain off my bucket list. ~Steven Schwartz

For me, KSA is permanently on my No Go list. I won’t even transit through it. I don’t want to go anywhere near a place where I’d need a permission slip from a male relative merely to enter the country. Until KSA treats women as free and fully equal adults, it’s a place to be avoided. ~moongoddess

All make good cases. Veering slightly off course, jbcarioca makes a strong appeal as to why Tehran shouldn’t be on anyone’s Bottom 10 list:

My personal case in point, although ancient: Me driving in Tehran on a divided highway, elderly man walking blissfully into the traffic carrying his morning bread. I swerve and try to stop but hit him anyway. Against all advice i stopped and got out of the car to see if I could help. Several people rushed towards me and him. I was terrified and dismayed simultaneously. One man is helping the old man up, meantime a woman is apologizing to me for her grandfathers negligence. We all put grandfather in my car whisk him to the nearest hospital, he was released an hour later with no material damage. Meantime his son, granddaughter and other family members insist we join them for a meal. We all kept in touch for years.

Here I thought this trip report from Iran was reason enough to add it to any must-visit list. Now I come to find out that when you run Iranians down with your car they and their families become your friends for life.

What a country.

Which cities/places would you remove from consideration for a visit? Are there some that you have visited in the past but wouldn’t visit today?

Read the thread in its entirety: 10 Cities I would not travel to: Here is the reason Why !

Image: “Comerica Park / Detroit Skyline HDR” by Kevin Ward. CC BY-SA 2.0.


  1. I would travel about anywhere however I would avoid war zones like Iraq, Ukraine, Gaza, Somalia, etc. I’m not crazy about visiting the Ebola areas in West Africa right this minute either. I would visit Detroit but like many places I’m not sure why I would want to. Maybe someone from Detroit can tell us why we should visit there?

  2. too bad no one seems to be aware ( lack of info on western media) of all the muslim killings and bombings that happen weekly in southern areas of Thailand.

  3. Love Detroit. Wonderful baseball stadium (along with PNC Park and AT&T Park, among the best in the country). Greektown is lots of fun, Detroit Beer Co. is fantastic, Redsmoke BBQ is awesome. Give Detroit a chance.

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