Where in the World is Your Favorite Food?

Foodie or not, you probably have a short list of favorite dishes and/or food categories. Me? I’m partial to Mexican dishes and absolutely L-O-V-E, love my wife’s homemade chicken enchiladas.

But this thread started by travelhog164 on the BootsNAll forums isn’t about your favorite dishes/types of food. What travelhog164 wants to know is what’s your favorite food specific to a location.

Just curious but where are peoples favorate food from? mine would be Gyros from Greece.

Or at least that’s how I and some who replied in the thread interpreted the topic, so I’m running with it because I think it’s interesting.

Among the limited replies so far:

Fish in Iceland — always fresh! ~Corvinus

Morocco — Lamb Tagine
Vietnam — Banh Mi (the traditional ones with liver pate)
Thailand — any of their coconut-based curries
Saudi Arabia / rest of the Middle East — Shawarma (part of my childhood was spent in the region, so this is comfort food to me)
England — Fish and Chips (I get cravings for these from time to time — yeah, I’m a man of simple tastes; it doesn’t take much to make me happy 😀 ) ~heymikey

When I was in Romania, I ate plenty of great food, but I particularly liked the dish called “sarmale”. I is made of minced meat wrapped in vine leaves. I don’t know the exact recipe, I think they mix the minced meat with something else, but they’re delicious. ~Lucy Stanmore

Favorite local foods are a popular topic among travel bloggers as well. A quick search found these posts by some of my fellow bloggers describing some of their local favorites:

Needless to say, that is just a very small sample of the posts by bloggers on this popular – if uniquely worded – subject posed by travelhog164.

After some careful consideration I would have to say that might favorite food specific to a location is Cassoulet served in the South of France. But that could, and probably will, change on my next trip.

What’s your (current) favorite food served at a specific location?

Read the thread in its entirety: Wheres peoples favorate food from?

Image by me of Chez Emile’s Cassoulet – Toulouse, France.

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