This Week’s Top 3 Threads – July 19, 2014

1. When “F” Turns Into “You’re Effed” on UAL

Did you know that United first- or business-class ticket you just purchased might not actually guarantee you a seat in first or business class? If irregular operations should cause a need to switch planes or flights, well then, you probably should have read the fine print on your ticket.

2. Dead Clients Can’t Pay

Here I thought climbing into a cage, having that cage submerged into Great White shark infested waters and allowing people on the boat to pour chum all over you and the cage was pretty adventurous. Then TravelKane comes along and says, “Who needs the cage?”!

3. Redeeming SkyMiles Could Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health

In another post on ThreadTripping this week I highlighted a thread in which travelers are discussing Post Trip Depression (PTD) and possible cures. And now a new travel-related disease has cropped up over on Milepoint – Post Redemption Anxiety (PRA).


This Week’s Featured Posters and Communities:

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 Image: “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” by nolifebeforecoffee. CC BY 2.0.

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