Hotel Gyms: There’s NOT an App for That

Sara_sakflva¬†prioritizes fitness above everything else when choosing a hotel¬†… as I’m sure most of us do.

Very near the top at least. Perhaps just ever so slightly behind¬†“food”, “bed comfort”, “lounge access”, “nearby activites and attractions”, “wifi” and, of course, “television channel options”.

So it is surprising, what with the quality of the hotel gym surely being at or very near the top of most travelers’ “most important hotel amenities” lists, that Sara_sakflva has discovered a seeming gap in the app marketplace when she asks:

I’m trying to book my hotels by the quality of the gyms that they have. Are there any good sites or apps that help with this?

bk_t1 is blunt and straight to the point:

None that I’m aware of

While KVE1005 says the apps are out there, sort of:

There’s several, and all equally useless, as it relies on consumer feedback

If you know of an app that might fit the bill, please pass the information along to Sara via the TripAdvisor thread or in the comments section below.

And jkb76, if you are reading this, this might just be your next big thing.

Maybe you could call it “WhoCaresApp”.

Read the thread in its entirety: Application that compares hotel gym equipment/amentities

Image by _sarchi. CC BY 2.0.


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