68% of Travelers Think This is a Better TSA Slogan

As I have mentioned before, I’m a sucker for a great thread title. And I’m also a sucker for a great comment/post.

In fact, sometimes I am compelled to highlight a discussion solely due to one great comment.

This is one of those times.

About a week ago The Points Guy wrote a post about the TSA’s increased security fees applied to all airline tickets. It’s a pretty decent read. But what really caught my fancy was this comment by Mike Conrad:

Colossal waste of time, Colossal waste of money.


That should be the TSA slogan.

So terse, so succinct, so … perfect. You can almost envisage it on a sign, with a “TSA” logo proudly displayed in the corner.

Thanks for making my day Mike.

And while this one comment really motivated this post, it isn’t the only comment of interest in the discussion that follows the post. hillrider, for one, raises a really good point:

These fees make the $25 fee for checking in a bag look like a complete rip-off. The TSA can staff checkpoints with scanners, X-rays, bomb sniffing machinery and all that for $5.60, but an airline can’t load a single bag for 4.5 times that?

Read the post and comments in its entirety: Will TSA Fee Increase Improve Security? Survey Says…

PS – Wow, how much money is The Points Guy making on his blog that he can commission surveys? Sadly, you ThreadTripping readers will have to continue to make do with completely made up statistics as that’s all I can afford. Not to worry though, studies show that 84% of people are perfectly happy with completely made up stats – even in post titles.

Image: “Get pie recipes from the TSA!” by Quinn Dombrowski. (I’m also a sucker for a funny photo title.) CC BY-SA 2.0.

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