The Glaciers with the Sapphire Eyes

Last weekend I highlighted an Iranian trip report posted by DanielW on FlyerTalk that featured absolutely amazing images of the country and its people. And over the course of the week more than 250 people have clicked through to enjoy Daniel’s report.

This weekend I would like to draw your attention to another trip report featuring photography that is simply awe inspiring. This time the subject of the report is Alaska and the author of the report, Quasiconvexity, focuses his lens toward some of the most stunning scenery you will see anywhere. In addition to the photo above, here are just a few examples of the professional quality photos that make this report a must read:




Wow! Just wow.

I live in Colorado, up in the mountains just west of Colorado Springs. As a result, my wife and I tend toward vacations to non-mountainous destinations to experience something different from our daily lives. Quasiconvexity’s trip report is certainly making us reconsider Alaska.

Oh sure, we have mountains here in Colorado, but I’m not sure we have mountains like that. And we sure as heck don’t have mountains butting right up to the shoreline, seals sunbathing next to puffins, and glaciers that are so blue they look like they might be related to “The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes“.

Images courtesy of Quasiconvexity.

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