Somebody’s Watching MS (Manufactured Spend)

ChurnNBurn is just an average man, with an average life
He works from nine to five; hey hell, he pays the price
All he wants is to be left alone with his average MOs
But why does he always feel like he’s in the Twilight Zone

My apologies to Rockwell.

ChurnNBurn has noticed a disturbing trend on his recent visits to Kroger to purchase money orders for manufactured spend purposes. Some of the cashiers, with whom he has become well acquainted over the past several weeks/months – have suddenly been needing to see ID, and in at least one case the manager jotted down some of the ID info.

What gives? If you buy money orders and Vanilla gift cards are you now going to be put on some kind of list?

Several posters attempt to apply a modicum of reason and sanity to the discussion – but how do we know they aren’t in on the plot to get us?

Hold on. What was that? A noise in my attic? Who’s up there? Oh crap, they’re onto me. ThreadTripping … out!

Read the thread in its entirety: New potential troubling Trend at Kroger (money services buying MOs)

Image: “Shopping trauma!” by Les Chatfield. CC BY 2.0.



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