Iran and Iranians in Photos

Iran isn’t on everybody’s short list of must-visit places, but perhaps it should be. Whether you have been considering a trip to Iran or not, this pictorial Iranian trip report by DanielW on FlyerTalk will tempt you.

Daniel’s photos are stunning (and the rights are fully reserved, so I chose a photo from another Flickr member for this post that I thought best reflected Daniel’s photographic style – Daniel, if you happen to come across this post and would grant me the right to use one of your photos from the report I will happily switch it out). And each photo is accompanied by just one sentence of description – providing just enough context without taking anything away from the images that really drive the report.

A really terrific report. Particularly if you are a westerner and aren’t familiar with day-to-day Iranian life. It certainly opened my eyes and changed my perspective of what life in Iran must be like.

Image: “Bazar-e Vakil” by David Stanley. CC BY 2.0.


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