I Travel, Therefore I Vacation

If I have to re-read a question three times to try to understand what is being asked, then I’m pretty sure the question must be philosophical – or I’m drunk, one or the other (or possibly both). ebestvacationspots posted this doozy on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum and stone-cold sober I still don’t know what the h3!! is being asked:

Do travelers have all the fun of vacation? or Is vacation all about traveling?

Some posters did, however, seem to grasp the meaning and posted some really interesting responses.

Some people, especially those who have stressful but essentially meaningless jobs/lives, find ’emptiness’ a necessity. They go on vacation. Others, who engage more with life in all its forms, find that ’emptiness’ to be a great waste of time/life that could be better used. They travel. ~mothercourage

I think you travel to find out about the world, and yourself. You travel for adventure and excitement. You go on vacation to stay still, rest and forget about everything. I’ve had a few good vacations in my time … but traveling is where it’s at. ~AaronMWriter

How might you answer these questions? Feel free to pour yourself a glass of your favorite refreshment if it helps you to coalesce your thoughts.

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  1. I only travel. However by now I got planning down to an art so almost every day I’ll have a spare few hours to just chill in a park or at a cafe somewhere and watch the locals. That’s a mini vacation to take a break from the intellectually demanding travel.

  2. So, you take mini-vacations from your travel – while you are traveling? 🙂 Love it. Think I’ll have another cold one.

  3. i’m thinking i’ve now read the question more times than you and i still don’t get it either. I’m not such that sober or not there is the ability to seek a divine and spiritual answer.

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