How Long Until We Get to Antsy?

Flight Attendant: “Thank you for flying with us today. Once we reach cruising altitude the captain will turn off the seatbelt signs and drink service will begin. Our travel time today is 12 hours … but you will start to really wish we were there in about 5-6 hours. Enjoy the flight.”

Of course, that isn’t what they say, but as far as most of us are concerned that might as well be what they say.

Over on the TripAdvisor forums jordansbulls, who is mentally prepping for a 12-hour flight, is curious as to how long most people are able to hold out before feeling like they absolutely need the plane ride to be complete. The answers range the gamut from as soon as the flight is booked to never – and all points in between.

A couple of my favorite replies:

About 5 minutes. I really need to learn to teleport. (That’s in economy. I fly business infrequently enough that I can amuse myself for 15 minutes or so learning to work the seats.)


I get antsy when I’m on the sofa trying to watch TV, and someone keeps changing channels. On a flight, never. Many of my friends get antsy over thinking about their long flight.


Unfortunately, the discussion lacks much in the way of relief options. Another day, another thread perhaps.

Image: “Sleeping on the plane” by Ben Grogan. CC BY-ND 2.0.

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