Chernobyl, Nearly 30 Years Later

I imagine anyone who enjoys “The Walking Dead”, “28 Days”, “Jericho”, “Night of the Comet”, “Alas Babylon” or any other post-apocalyptic story – zombified or otherwise – would enjoy a visit to Chernobyl and the nearby ghost town of Pripyat. But if you’re like me, your better half might not agree on the priority of such a trip.

Thankfully, we can live vicariously through this Chernobyl trip report written by jason8612 and posted on FlyerTalk, … and he even throws in some nice pics and descriptions of Kiev for good measure.

This thread reminded me of another Chernobyl trip report I featured in an edition of TalkMail back in April 2011. This one is written by BryanIAH and the thread hasn’t been posted to since 2011, so you probably don’t want to bump it with with a “great report” post – but you can always send Bryan a private message on FlyerTalk by clicking on his linked name in this paragraph (and registering/logging into FlyerTalk, of course).

And on the subject of movies, how is it possible that there is no Chernobyl movie – other than the made-for-TV-movie, “Chernobyl: The Final Warning” (starring none other than Jon Voight)? Hollywood, are you listening? Maybe you could halt production on “Batman: Interminable Bore” long enough to produce a worthy Chernobyl film.

Add some zombies (artistic license and all) and you might just have a blockbuster on your hands.

Image: “Chernobyl – Pripyat, 2009” by Hieronymus Ahrens. CC BY-ND 2.0.


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