The Honeymoon: A Perfect Marriage of Travel and, well, Marriage

One of the largely unsung heros who works behind the scenes on BoardingArea, Mark Koschwitz, was married yesterday.

Having sat directly next to Mark for longer than I care to remember back when I was a member of the Frequent Flyer Services team all I can say is … my sincerest condolensces go out to his bride Tiffany 😉

Juusssssst kidding.

In honor and celebration of this momentus event I would like to highlight a thread on the Travellerspoint forums in which travelers suggest ideal Honeymoon locations for another recently joined member of the wedded bliss club.

Sri Lanka. You can put together a mix of luxury beach hotel time and more adventurous touring the island. It’s got safari, tea plantations, elephant riding, temples, Sigiriya fortress, and heavenly beaches with bathwater-warm seas. ~Andyf

Cape Maclear or Senga Bay are good for just laying back on the beach and enjoying your new found marriage in a tropical paradise. ~makolo

if romance is a high priority (and it should be, on a honeymoon), I’d suggest Maldives. The beaches are spectacular and staying in one of those water villas … is an amazing experience. But it’s not all just lazing on beaches, either. … My favourite (from my honeymoon) was night fishing –being out on the water under the stars with the moonlight catching every ripple – felt like something straight out of a painting! ~WadhwaV

All great suggestions, and there are more still in the thread. And if the Maldives ends up ranking high on your consideration list I have a hunch you might just be able to perform a search here on BoardingArea and find one or fifty blog posts offering insight.

Congratulations Mark on the start of your new life with your new bride. May your days together be filled with the joy of a thousand journeys, your evenings be filled with endlessly fascinating conversations, and your nights be filled with … Fallon.

Read the thread in its entirety: Honeymoon Locations

Roads to Romance” by Orange County Archives. CC BY 2.0.

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